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Obesity on the rise

You would have to be living under a rock to have missed all the recent reports on the increase in Obesity, both in Canada and the U.S.. In both countries it is up 50% over the last 30 yrs. This is a major cause of many diseases and emotional struggles.

Dr. Whitaker suggested the obvious that if you are overweight and you want to loose some, cut down on the calories you consume and do aerobic exercise that burns fat.

Also, drink pure water when you are hungry between meals instead of having an unhealthy snack.

A 10 minute walk after every meal will open up your cell gates to nutrients without insulin instead of storing them as fat molecules. Even this small step will put you in the top 95% of active people in North America.


Weight reducing tips include:

  • 2 tbs. AppleCider, wine vinegar or lemon/lime juice before meals (mixed with a bit of water if needed), will reduce insulin response to food source. This will increase helpful acidity to aid in digestion. Sourdough bread may have a similar effect.
  • If you plan on being inactive after a meal, try to stay away from white bread, pasta and starchy vegetables. These foods are heavy and like to be stored as fat if you don't burn them off through activity after eating.
  • Fill up on extra low or no starch vegetables and proteins that digest well together.
  • Eat your starches alone or with vegetables. Snack on nuts or eat a canned fish i.e.. salmon,mackerel,sardines between meals to balance diet with protein.

You are an example for your children. Don't be a regular junk food freak. Limit your junk food intake to parties if you m must have some.


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