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How To Become a Non Smoker or How To Help a Smoker Quit
By Randy Rauck

My mother died at age 66 with lung cancer from cigarettes.

I was also a cigarette smoker for 27 years until 1995 when I finally decided to take the BOLD Path to my freedom.

I know the majority of people truly interested in Anti-Aging are non-smokers already. So this article is really designed for those of us who want to help our smoking loved ones give it up by taking the BOLD Path.

There has been a lot of negative press and discrimination directed at smokers lately. Anyone that still smokes cigarettes is probably thinking about quitting and therefore they need help and encouragement to kick the habit before it kills them. New Years is an excellent time to quit or convince a loved one to quit. I finally discovered the solution that worked for me. I guarantee it will work for anyone who has the desire to become SmokeFree!

Do you want to hear the rest of my story and learn for free how I became a non Smoker step by step so you can quit or help a loved one become a non smoker?

How to Stop Smoking - Inside Story

As we have learned recently, smoking and second hand smoke can be vary hazardous to our longevity. In fact medical statistics show that smoker's live on average 75% as long as non-smokers.

We all know someone who smokes and shouldn't. Nice thing about stopping smoking is that our lungs have the ability to completely regenerate back to new in five to ten years of abstaining! I am always amazed with the healing ability of human body.

I watched my mom and Dad smoke all my life. I thought it was cool and started smoking with my friends at 13. It went hand in hand with the band I was in at the time. We all smoked between every song.

When my folks started the hacking and coughing thing every morning I decided it was time to give it up. I thought it would be easy. Cold Turkey. That's the way I would do it on New Years Eve…every year! That's right, for fifteen years I quit every New Years and also every July on my birthday. You could say I became an expert at quitting…at least for a couple of months twice a year. I finally realized my will power needed some help so I created a simple step-by-step plan to become a non smoker on my birthday in 1995. The plan worked so well for me that I have decided I must share it with the world. This year I am offering my detailed plan as a Christmas present to any of our interested subscribers.

This information will be offered free this one time only, to Anti-Aging-News subscribers and HowToEducation clients, and only until the end of this year. After New Years I will make it available at for a fee.

If you want this free information hot off the digital press , just send me an email to and I will send you the complete step by step instructions as a Christmas gift from me, Anti-Aging-News and HowToEducation Enterprises.



Ten Steps To A Smoke Free Existence. 100% Guaranteed

Being smoke free is one of the most difficult things that a smoker will ever do…at the same time, there is no doubt that it is one of the smartest things they will ever do. As a non-smoker you will be healthier and live a longer, more vigorous life. Also, you will be opening the door to new relationships, activities and even employment that may have been closed to you before quitting.

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