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The Health Benefits of a Sauna

Pictured above is the Sauna that was manufactured and delivered to me by my cousins. It is 4ft. x 8ft. in size and lined with cedar.

I will be reporting on different types, models, and options in the future. A sauna is a dry-heat sweat bath and forms an integral part of alternative health therapies as well as most hydrotherapies in the world today. A good diet and regular exercise in combination with a regular sauna bath, will help you keep fit and healthy. Body toxins, pollutants and the stress of modern living are major causes of premature aging and many health problems. A short time in a sauna and you will experience a special feeling of well-being as your body releases harmful fluids from deep within your system, naturally and safely. There is nothing quite like a sauna to relax you after a stressful day. With regular use you will sleep better and feel more alert.

The logic behind the health benefits of having a sauna, is that sitting in a heated sauna would simulate an artificial "fever" and in so doing stimulate the immune response of the body to be activated, which in turn would speed up the production of white blood cells - some studies have shown a remarkable increase during "artificial fevers". Furthermore, it is supposed to help the production of interferon in the body. Interferon is an anti-viral protein that has powerful cancer fighting properties. People that feel a cold or flu starting have reported that they can ward off the manifestation of the actual symptoms by taking sauna baths. The sauna gets the body to move its immune system into a higher gear.

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