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Tips to Improve memory and cognition

For those of us who are starting to age...just a little bit...

There are ways to improve brain function and complexity.

 1. Breathe. Learning to breathe correctly increases the oxygen content to the brain and makes it more vital and healthy.

 2. Exercise. Walking and other aerobic exercises increase oxygen content and circulation and improve cognition.

 3. Meditation: Decreases tension and relaxes the body and creates a greater self-awareness of the true condition and potential of the body. Plus it makes one less
stressed and focused. Focus is an important part of short-term memory. For more information go to...

4. Herbal Supplements. There are decreases in certain minerals and vitamins in the aging body. The addition of sensible supplements will increase mental and physical acuity. 
Consider Ginko Biloba to help you short-term memory or 
Melatonin to improve and regulate your sleep cycle.)

5. Create a new mission or concept about your life. I like this one. "Every day in every way I am getting better and better "

6. Volunteer. Be involved outside yourself in mentoring and helping others.

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