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How to help protect against getting Alzheimer's

Eat your yellow curry as turmeric may save you from Alzheimer's. In fact we have heard this from several sources over the last month.

India's elderly residents have the lowest rates of Alzheimer's disease in the world. Their secret just might be Curcumin, which comes from Turmeric (the spice that gives curry its deep yellow colour). It is added to nearly every Indian dish partly because it contains potent antioxidants that inhibit food spoilage.

Curcumin is Anti-Tumoral (inhibits the formation of tumors), Anti-microbial (hinders the activity of microbes and bacteria), Anti-Hepatotoxic (protects the liver and aids in detoxification), Anti-Hyperlipidemic (reduces cholesterol buildup), and Anti-Coagulant (prevents blood platelets from clumping together).

Each Anti effect has its own unique health benefits,including improved circulation.

If you need improved blood flow try eating more Indian food and add curry and turmeric to your home-cooked meals. Take supplemental curcumin (often called turmeric extract)1,400- 1,800 mg/day. Look for a product containing bromelain or piperine for improved absorption.



Glutathione (GSH) with enough of it, you can prevent disease and aging

Medical publications in numerous medical journals around the world reveal the evidence of low glutathione levels in most medical conditions (due to free radical damage and oxidative stress), and support the elevation of intracellular glutathione as a treatment for AIDS, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.S., Hepatitis, Parkinson’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, all Pulmonary Lung Disorders from Asthma to Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acne and other conditions.

Cells make glutathione a key player in their own defense and a principal determinant of the immune response. It is the major internal anti-oxidant, a free radical scavenger and detoxifier, protecting the cell. With the scientific validation behind it, including a listing in the U.S. PDR, US pharmaceutical patents, nationwide Medicare B Code coverage, Dr. Bounous’ discovery is destined to be the “nutriceutical” that will “Bridge the Gap” between traditional Western and complimentary or alternative medicine.

To find out more about glutathione, and how to increase your natural production of it, send for your free tape by emailing .



Prevent DNA damage that promotes aging and disease

We'll start on the "surface" of this topic with some news from the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology last month. According to a presentation by dermatologist Leslie Baumann, M.D., recent studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory properties of nicotinamide (a derivative of niacin - also known as vitamin B3) promote moisture retention in the epidermis - the upper-most layer of the skin.

In one study, subjects reported significantly less dryness and flakiness, followed by smoother, softer skin after using a topical nicotinamide. Dr. Baumann said that formulas containing nicotinamide may be especially useful to those who have flare-ups of a type of eczema called atopic dermatitis.

More importantly, other studies have revealed chemopreventative effects when nicotinamide was used. In one animal study, ultraviolet-induced skin cancer was reduced by 70 percent when topical nicotinamide was applied to mouse skin.

But as useful as nicotinamide might prove to be for the prevention and treatment of skin problems, when taken internally, this nutrient does wonders for your body and especially your brain.

The excellent benefits of nicotinamide are illustrated through its relationship to a gene called Sir2 that can slow the aging process and prevent disease. Sir2 stands for "silent information regulator 2." It produces a protein called Sir2p that forms a protective barrier around your cells, defending them from rogue DNA molecules that cause the genetic instability that promotes aging. Without this barrier, cells deteriorate and eventually die - unable to resist disease or invasion by foreign bodies.

Injury to your DNA has serious consequences. The deterioration and death of brain cells are symptoms of aging, and patients suffering from this type of cell death typically show DNA damage. Recent research at the University of Southern California found that brain DNA damage was prevented by nicotinamide supplements. This is hopeful news for those suffering from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases (both of which are believed to be associated with brain-cell death).

Research into the genetic theory of aging is really just beginning, and more research will be needed to fully understand the relationship between Sir2p, NAD, and B vitamins. In the meantime, there's no doubt that a daily intake of niacin will help put the breaks on your body's aging process. Supplements of nicotinamide are available at most health food stores. The best dietary sources of niacin include red meat (including organ meats), poultry, fish, eggs and whole grains.



SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Conventional medicine has no treatment at the moment.

If you are concerned about infection, you should up your vitamin C to about 6 grams a day, keep a good diet, indulge in moderate exercise and take a potent multivitamin and mineral supplement. There is not much more you can do. Just like you should do for any other cold or flu.

This article sheds some light.

Fever and the Mystery Disease SARS:
A Bio-Terror Weapon Spreads Around the World

The "mystery" disease SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, is being used as a "bio-terror campaign" by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They have used normal diseases with strange new names to terrorize people many times in the last 30 years. SARS is clearly a new variation of an old Influenza. So what makes SARS so dangerous?

Most flu comes from China, as in Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu or Swine Flu, since it is mostly caused by rare avian or bird viruses crossing species with pig viruses. Many rural Chinese farmers raise flocks of geese side-by-side with herds of swine or pigs. Geese and pigs are a traditional Chinese food source. Humans have no natural immunity to avian bird viruses, and are able to "catch" pig or porcine viruses because of the similarity of human and porcine lung and organ tissue.

If a pig is ill with porcine flu and then eats droppings from an avian-virus-infected goose the result is a new cross-species flu virus, with the outer lining of a pig and the inner viral core of a goose, which spreads from central China around the world and usually kills about 100,000 or more each year in the U.S. Several new variations of goose-pig generated influenza occur each year coming mostly from China.

Skip all the CDC recommended flu shots. They are much more dangerous killers than any Influenza. Here's why.

The problem is the method of treatment. The viral core molecule of RNA cannot reproduce if the body temperature is above 101 degrees. Humans have genetically developed a natural method to defeat viral infections called a fever. With a mild fever of 101 degrees the telomers on the ends of the RNA molecule cannot attach and the virus cannot reproduce itself, and the body's white blood cells quickly destroy the invading virus. But the modern "regular" treatment for a fever from a cold or flu is to reduce the fever to ease the discomfort. This is wrong.

By lowering the fever below 100 degrees, the invading virus is allowed to reproduce and spread massively throughout the body. If the multitude
of viruses finally cross the blood/brain barrier the result is a fever of 104 or more, causing brain damage or death. This is often called Reyes Syndrome or Viral Encephalitis and is not a disease but the result of improper treatment with aspirin or other NSAIDs to lower the natural
viral infection fever

When European immigrants began to settle in the New World in the 17th and 18th centuries, they discovered that many native American tribes were treating their "patients" who had coughs, colds, chills and fever with something called a "sweat lodge." The infected ill "patient" was isolated in a small quickly made thatched hut with a small hole dug in the center of the floor filled with water. Hot rocks from a nearby fire were put into the water until it boiled and produced steam. The "feverish patient" slept overnight in the steamy sweat lodge and the next morning took a quick brisk dip in a nearby cold stream and was completely cured. The dip in the cold water was not actually part of the anti-viral treatment, but was really a morning kick-start for the circadian rhythm system to remove the logy "jet-lag" symptoms from having just had a high fever. Thus the "patient" is now invigorated and cured with a sense of health and well-being. No, the Indians did not know about viruses, bacteria or circadian rhythms. They only knew what worked best after thousands of years of medical trial and error. Sometimes grandma's old folk remedy does work best. In this case it does.

The North American Indians were not the only ones to use the "sweat
lodge." It was well known and used worldwide in ancient times. It is the source of the healthful Scandinavian "Sauna Bath." Even 2,000 years ago when the ancient Romans invaded Britain,they found that the locals were curing coughs and colds by placing the patients in small huts near a bubbling geothermal pool which produced natural steam. That natural steam pool was located at a village called Bath, England.

SARS is not even a statistical drop in the medical bucket. And there is no indication that SARS is any different from any other form of cold or flu from a viral infection. So how does the CDC get to scare or terrorize you into believing that SARS is any worse or more dangerous than any other annual flu? Mostly its done with the assistance of an uninformed press and media which simply publishes the CDC handouts without any knowledge of what it means. This has been going on for about 25 years. I squarely target the news media as the primary cause of such medical nonsense for publishing without investigating the facts.

Best advice: do not try to lower a fever, it is your genetically derived natural human defense against any viral infection. Stay wrapped up and warm to cause a sweat. Drink fluids to replace the water lost by sweating. And within 6 to 8 hours overnight the cold or flu is gone. Many older doctors knew this, which is the reason for the old docs advice, "go to bed, stay warm, drink fluids." But younger docs just out of med school have been taught there is a drug or pill to treat everything. The result of using expensive pills or over-the-counter medications to reduce the fever from colds and flu is prolonged illness, the epidemic spread of viral diseases and the unneeded deaths of hundreds of thousands each year. Don't buy it.

(c) Marshall Smith, Editor, Brother Jonathon Gazette



Tea Boosts the Body''s Defences
By Paul Recer

April 22, 2003  |  WASHINGTON (AP) --

An ordinary cup of tea may be a powerful infection fighter, a study suggests. Researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that they have found in tea a chemical that boosts the body's defense fivefold against disease.

They said the chemical primes immune system cells to attack bacteria, viruses and fungi and could, perhaps, be turned into a disease-fighting drug someday.

Dr. Jack F. Bukowski of Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School said Monday that he and his co-authors isolated the chemical in the laboratory and then proved with a group of volunteers that it did protect against germs.

"We worked out the molecular aspects of this tea component in the test tube and then tested it on a small number of people to see if it actually worked in human beings," said Bukowski. The results, he said, gave clear proof that five cups of tea a day sharpened the body's defenses against disease.

Penny Kris-Etherton, a nutrition specialist at Pennsylvania State University, said Bukowski's study adds to a growing body of evidence that tea is an effective disease fighter.

"This is potentially a very significant finding," she said. "We're seeing multiple benefits from tea."

But she said the work needs to be confirmed in a much larger study, involving more people.

In the study, Bukowski and his co-authors isolated from ordinary black tea a substance called L-theanine. He said the substance is found as well in green and oolong tea, which also are processed from traditional tea tree leaves.

Bukowski said L-theanine is broken down in the liver to ethylamine, a molecule that primes the response of an immune blood cell called the gamma-delta T cell.

"We know from other studies that these gamma-delta T cells in the blood are the first line of defense against many types of bacteria, viral, fungal and parasitic infections," he said. "They even have some anti-tumor activity."

The T cells prompt the secretion of interferon, a key part of the body's chemical defense against infection, Bukowski said.

"We know from mouse studies that if you boost this part of the immune system it can protect against infection," he said.

To further test the finding, the researchers had 11 volunteers drink five cups a day of tea, and 10 others drink coffee. Before the test began, they drew blood samples from all 21 test subjects.

After four weeks, they took more blood from the tea drinkers and then exposed that blood to the bacteria called E-coli. Bukowski said the immune cells in the specimens secreted five times more interferon than did blood cells from the same subjects before the weeks of tea drinking. Blood tests and bacteria challenges showed there was no change in the interferon levels of the coffee drinkers, he said.

Bukowski said it may be possible to further isolate and refine L-theanine from tea and use that as a drug to boost the infection defense of the body.

The health effects of tea have been extensively studied. It has been linked to lower heart disease and cancer risk through the action of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. Other studies have linked tea to helping combat osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease, and to relieving some allergy symptoms.



Look at yourself!

" Look at yourself! The way your body works defies belief. You are a miracle beyond imagination, far greater than that of drugs and surgery. If you realize this and that the responsibility of maintaining your own health lies with you, you will be capable of anything."

C. Norman Shealy, Alternative Medicine, 1996.



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